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Action with Youth - HIV/AIDS and STD: A Training Manual for Young People-Acknowledgements

The revision of this training manual was coordinated and guided by Dr Getachew Gizaw, the senior officer for communicable diseases Ė HIV/AIDS at the International Federationís Geneva Secretariat.

This second edition benefited from the invaluable guidance of the working group, which included representatives from UNAIDS, WHO, UNICEF and the World Organization of Scout Movements. Our particular thanks go to Dr Michael Carael, Manisha Bharti and Sandra Simmonds from UNAIDS; Dr Anne Fanning and Joanne Sheppard from WHO; and Leo Kenny and Diana Widdus from UNICEF.

We would also like to thank Greta Kimzeke, the consultant for the International Federation, who worked on this revised, expanded manual.

The National Societies of Cambodia, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nepal, Thailand, Togo, Uganda and Zimbabwe sent us their feedback on the use of the original manual and have suggested useful ideas for the second edition. Their help was highly appreciated.

We also thank Sue Pfiffner for assisting in editing the new text and gratefully acknowledge the input and assistance given by colleagues from the community health and social welfare department, the youth unit and the publications service of the International Federationís Secretariat.

This newly revised manual is dedicated to all young people who are affected by AIDS or are HIV-positive today. We sincerely hope that this manual will be one more tool to help fight the epidemic and offer youth the world over a healthy future.