( By Dr. Krishna Murari Modi )

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I was born in a healthy farmer's family. My father Dr. Vithal Das Modi is a pioneering nature cure centre in Gorakhpur since 1940. I was brought up in an atmosphere where every ailment was treated without medicine through diet, fasting, exercise, water treatment and relaxation. I recognised well the vitality of the body and its role in self-cure. Several patients coming to our hospital had often been "rejected" cases. It was a thrill to watch them getting better. Their gratitude when they left was the best prize for us.

After my graduation as M.B.B.S from G.S.V.M. Medical College at Kanpur in 1964, I worked as a house surgeon in safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, in the departments of Orthopaedics and General Medicine. While working in general medicine, I realised that the role played by diet, the body’s own defence system our immune system and the psychological role played by the mind were of prime importance in the body’s ability to cure itself. We hardly look at this aspect while treating patients in our hospitals.

I went to the U.K. in 1966, to learn Osteopathy. The idea behind learning Osteopathy was that this was based on drugless therapy. We wanted to incorporate Osteopathy in nature cure to enhance its effects. I used to go for classes in the school of Naturopathy and Osteopathy, London whenever possible. I visited for a few days the famous Nature Cure Centre at champneys, U.K. founded by Dr. Stain Leif. His son Dr. Peter Leif. Was courteous enough to take me round and allowed me to watch the treatment procedures and talk to is patients and assistants. The hospital was spread over 100 acres of land with a small lake having rowing facilities and a small airfield with a glider standing by. There was large house where many people could take sun bath and a hall with modern facilities for water treatment and exercises. There was a health food kitchen where I dined with Dr. Peter. He was inquisitive about the centre we run at Gorakhpur, India. He offered me if I would like to stay for few weeks in his centre so that we could share our experiences. I took this opportunity at my earliest and stayed there for three months. Let me admit it was most fruitful experience for me in the health farming.

In 1969 after my return I joined our 100 bedded hospital, Arogya mandir, Gorakhpur (U.P.) where I had a free hand to use techniques newly acquired. This is a famous and well-run hospital of northern India. I worked there for seven years and later I shifted to Mumbai to start my osteopathic practice. I continued to prescribe health farming methods with my osteopathic practice.

After I arrived in Mumbai I realised that health farming methods are difficult to follow unless one stays in a health farm. This was a point I started dreaming to build a health farm in the vicinity of Mumbai. Till I can do it I want you to share my experiences and help yourselves in your homes. I had been cautious while writing this book that whatever I tell you, should be simple and easy to follow at home.

All said and done I owe a great deal to my dear patients whom I have treated and whose cases I have taken note of and many of those who wrote to me requesting to include their experiences in the book so that others by reading it would benefit.

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