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About sexuality

Sexuality is a very personal matter and means different things to different people. Sexual attitudes and behaviour vary enormously from person to person. Behaviour can also vary due to circumstances. Feelings and behaviour can change at different times, in different places, and in different situations.

Cancer and its treatment can have a big impact on sexuality. This booklet explains the effects that cancer and its treatment can have and also discusses ways of dealing with these effects. We can’t advise you about the best treatment for yourself because this information can only come from your own doctor who will be familiar with your full medical history.

It may be useful when reading this information to remember that you are a unique individual. When considering sexuality it is important to focus on your own needs, wishes and desires. You do not need to worry about what is considered ‘normal‘. Your sexuality is not fixed. You can change your mind, find new things pleasurable and communicate in new ways. You can aim to feel good about who you are, and how you choose to share that with others.