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Stability Of Heart By Nlp

13th January 2017  3.30 pm

Event Description

This Talk Session Is Based On The Decision Power Of Heart Which Our Mind Knows But Heart Is Not Able To Accept It.

From Today’s Scenario Everywhere The Relations Are Getting Weak Which Affect Our Life And It Also Leads To Many Of The Disease.


Speaker's Bio

Ms Kinjal Shah


Working as - NLP practitioner
                     - Skill Trainer
                     - Youth ORATOR
                     - Specialized councillor for                                                     Teen-ager                            

Kinjal Shah is a certified NLP practitioner
As well a skills Trainer.

Both knowledge is given to all the ages of person who was able to adopt this learning.

Taking a class of it as tutor and person who learning it get a positive change in there life.

Purpose of doing this work is to aware everyone who meet me that they give there best to improve themselves and get positive lifestyle.

Taking Workshop, seminar, specified topic session of surrounding environment which is affected today scenario for every individuals.

Kinjal Shah is work oriented and believe that she is on mission that everyone should have a their purpose of life with a positive lifestyle.So every that individuals can contact me who want to be a transformer of there life.

Contact No. 7226975883


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