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In Tune With Self - The Path To A Powerful & Vibrant Life

15th February 2020  3.30pm

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Pritam Sawant

Pritam is a High Performance life Coach. She provides peak performance, self-reliance & emotional coaching to corporations and individuals that allows people to develop growth mindset, build productive habits & achieve balanced successful life. Her Mission is to help people get unstuck in life and help them to create the life they love.

Her Coaching

Empowers people to build solid foundation for their growth, get clarity, hack productivity and transform their goals and dream into reality that too in a strikingly short span of time.

It Inspires people to take meaningful action for their goals, bring out their authenticity & unique value to the table, maximize social impact and create a positive difference in their lives as well in the lives of people around them.

Her love for Learning:

Pritam is an avid student of Business, Management, Philosophy, Science and Spirituality.

She has deep understanding of Human Behavior & Psychology.

She believes in lifelong learning which can be seen her qualification & blend of knowledge implementation through her coaching.


Pritam is a certified strategic Life coach & NLP practitioner

She also holds certification as "Confidence coach” & "Stress management coach”

She is professional into Law of attraction & Subconscious Mind

Yogic philosophy inspired her to become a certified yoga teacher

She holds dual master degrees. (MBA in Marketing & MSc. in Microbiology)

As a budding author she has finished writing her first book and in a process of publishing it.

Pritam’s Expertise

Prior to her full fledged Life coaching profession, she worked for 8 years into MNC at incremental positions and have worked with many renowned clients like PRA Health Science, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Roche and so on.

Pritam is highly proficient in understanding and managing the core challenges related to Business growth, Leadership, Teamwork, Work-life balance.

Pritam’s Expertise

She has profound experience of working with Global Teams & has deep knowledge of cultural distinctions in work ethics.

Pritam has subject expertise on clarity, emotion management, high performance, time management, leadership, relationship management, decision making for personal & professional success.

Bit more about Pritam…

She is active in community affairs and serves as consultant and volunteers to several nonprofit organizations.

Apart from coaching & public speaking engagements, she enjoys heading off to the roads and travel oUeat destinations.

Her favorite comfort food is Daalchawal with ghee. J

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