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Health Seminars & Talks

All our Health Seminar's and talks are free - please do come - you will enjoy them !

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20 th
FEB 2009
FRI 4.00pm

How to handle unemployment crisis

Speaker: Dr. Uttam Dave

19 th
FEB 2009
THU 4.00pm

Women's health & homeopathy

Speaker: Dr. Fatema Slatewala

18 th
FEB 2009
WED 3.30pm

Know yourself through Ayurveda

Speaker: Dr. Rohit Bartake

17 th
FEB 2009
TUE 3.30pm

Food juices for Health

Speaker: Ms. Laya Agarwala

16 th
FEB 2009
MON 3.30pm

Spiritual Healing

Speaker: Ms. Tejal Gandhi

16 th
FEB 2009
MON 3.30pm

Spiritual Healing

Speaker: Ms. Anu Pursram

14 th
FEB 2009
SAT 4.00pm

Stress management by staying alert

Speaker: Dr. S. Srinivasan

13 th
FEB 2009
FRI 3.00pm

Yoga for a Healthy Lifestyle

Speaker: Ms. Neeta Sukhtankar

12 th
FEB 2009
THU 3.30pm

How to Resolve the Pains in your Body

Speaker: Dr. Sonal Motta

11 th
FEB 2009
WED 3.00pm

Energy remedy through Acupressure

Speaker: Dr. Ravindra Kapadia



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