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15 th
JUL 2019
MON 3.30pm

Living with Depression and Coping up Strategies

Speaker: Ms. Natasha Fernandes

13 th
JUL 2019
SAT 3.30pm
12 th
JUL 2019
FRI 3.30pm

Master- Memory and Visualization

Speaker: Dr..h.c Coach Prof. Prashant Singhal

11 th
JUL 2019
THU 3.30pm

Jalaneti – Nose Cleansing

Speaker: Mr. Rajeev Ranjan

10 th
JUL 2019
WED 3.30pm

Power of Unconditional Love

Speaker: Ms. Payal Goda

09 th
JUL 2019
TUE 3.30pm

Review Past and Energize Future

Speaker: Ms. Rashmi Tamboli

08 th
JUL 2019
MON 3.30pm

Why is it so Difficult to FOCUS

Speaker: Ms. Raina Khatri Tandon

06 th
JUL 2019
SAT 3:30pm

Discard Your Fear

Speaker: Mr. Rohan Homkar

05 th
JUL 2019
FRI 3.30pm

Be Responsible for Your Life

Speaker: Prof. Sunita Bandekar

04 th
JUL 2019
THU 3.30pm

Discover ….. Why are you, YOU?

Speaker: Dr. Cicilia Chettiar



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