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Health Seminars & Talks

All our Health Seminar's and talks are free - please do come - you will enjoy them !

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Seminars from 1st December 2019 to 31st December 2019
31 st
DEC 2019
TUE 3.30pm
30 th
DEC 2019
MON 3.30pm
28 th
DEC 2019
SAT 3.30pm

How to Make Good Decisions

Speaker: Mr. Abhay Valsangkar

27 th
DEC 2019
FRI 3.30pm

Memory Loss, Alzheimer and Dementia

Speaker: Dr..h.c Coach Prof. Prashant Singhal

26 th
DEC 2019
THU 3.30pm

Cash Issues and Health

Speaker: Dr. Anu Mehta

24 th
DEC 2019
TUE 3.30pm

Functioning of Mind

Speaker: Mr. Tanmay Srivastava

23 rd
DEC 2019
MON 3.30pm

Life Skills Part -4

Speaker: Ms. Paulomi Pandit Upadhyay

21 st
DEC 2019
SAT 4.00pm

Qigong-Taijiquan for Neck and Shoulders

Speaker: Sifu Carlton Hill

19 th
DEC 2019
THU 3.30pm
18 th
DEC 2019
WED 3.30pm

Social Media and Teens: A Guide for Parents

Speaker: Ms. Mitchelle Dmello



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