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Unleash Your Potential - Chapters From Book By Arunaagiri Mudaliar

21st June 2015  11.00am

Event Description

This Is A Short HELP Talk On Human Potential By Mr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar. The Talk Was Held At Health Education Library For People (HELP). For More Information Please Visit

Human Beings Have Capacity To Achieve Anything In Life But The Three Basic Barriers Which Stops Human Beings From Achieving The Full Potential Are The Unfounded Fears, The Limiting Beliefs And Also The Old Experiences. Fear Is An Acronym For False Evidence Appearing Real And 98% Of Them Are Inauthentic Which Stops Them From Realizing The Full Potential. The Moment You Confront What You Fear, Get Into Action; Fears Starts Decipitating. Limiting Beliefs Are The Perception, Thoughts Which You Consider To Be Truth; They Mainly Develop From Old Role Modelling Or Some Verbal Tutoring. You Need To Reflect, Contemplate And Introspect On Each Of Your Limiting Beliefs And Find Out What's Stopping You From Overcoming Them And Convert Them Into Positive Affirmation. Old Experiences Which Today Has Become Truth For You Has To Faced Boldly.

It Is Based On Speaker's Book "Unleash Your Potential". Mr.Arunaagiri Mudaliar Is A World-class Trainer, Coach And Mentor. Watch Videos On Each Chapter Of The Book - In The Author's Own Words Here

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar


Mr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar
CEO at Ecube India PVt Ltd
Current: Ecube India Pvt Ltd
Previous: Pacific Success Insight, Laxmi Pumps
Education: Ramnarian Ruia College
Ph no- 9821081337

I believe in teaching and training what i practice in my own life . Walking the talk - Authenticity - is what powers our training .

Our vision is "to empower and enable every person whom we train to ignite their dormant potential to live a enriched , enjoyable and empowered life" . We custom design every training program we conduct as per the customer needs.


Ecube India Pvt Ltd
 � Present (6 years)Mumbai

Mr. Arunagiri, an International trainer and motivation speaker of repute has launched Pacific Success Insight, a 'Training and Development' Institute dedicated to empowering and maximizing human potentials. 

Mr. Arunagiri is associated as a Motivational speaker and trainer with reputed forums such as Professional Insight, Siddhi Samadhi Yoga (SSY), Landmark Education and Business Networking International (BNI)

Our training program encourages individuals to reach their goals in professional and personal life. Our Mind and Soul therapy enhances decision making capabilities, build confidence and inspire to produce extraordinary results. We awake your inner instinct to make you an achiever.

General Manager

Pacific Success Insight
 �   (11 months)

Pacific Success Insight is a Training & Development Company engaged in Corporate Trainings. We conduct open workshops for programs like Leadership Course, Productivity Enhancement Program, Time Management and Holistic sessions. Our other areas of operations are Management Consultancy, Counseling, and Personality Development and Confidence Building programs.


Laxmi Pumps
 �   (1 year)

As CEO of M.s, Laxmi Sales Corporation was Instrumental in making 
"LAXMI� Pumps the number one overall Seller of Agriculture Pumpsets in Maharashtra in 1998-99 ahead of even M.s, Kirloskers in the State of Maharashtra.


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