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The Impostor Syndrome

8th February 2017  3.30 pm

Event Description

This Syndrome Usually Refers To High Achieving Individuals Who Are Unable To Internalise Their Achievements And Have A Fear Of Appearing As A Fraud. But This Can Be Easily Applied To Our Everyday Lives. We Are Conditioned To Believe That We Are Not Scheduled For Greatness And That Life Is A Real Struggle. This Has Led Us To Exist In Stagnation And Fear. It Has Taken Us Away From Our Authentic Selves, Thereby Creating An Impostor In Its Place. This Talk Will Enable You To Become Aware And Bring Out The Difference Between And An Bring About An Understanding Between The False Impostor State Of Mind And Your Authentic Being.

Speaker's Bio

Prof. Cheelu Chandran



I am Professor Cheelu Chandran. I am the CEO and Founder of DeBox. I am a Self-Love Life Coach, Therapist and Healer.

I hold a degree in Psychology, Journalism and Literature and a P.G Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have been in the field of counselling for over 15 years.

I have presented papers at the World Congress of Alternative Medicine where I received the title of Professor for my contribution towards holistic wellness. I was a freelance trainer before I launched my company DeBox.

I am a singer, actor, dancer, writer and I have discovered a new way of cooking that has health and taste all rolled into one. I have given several dance performances and have choreographed for two shows. I have acted on stage and in fact am acting in a play coming up in October. My self-help book is in the process of completion.

The meaning of DeBox is:

Think out of the box

Live out of the box

Destroy the box – DeBox

One of my personal mottos is:

"If I can, you can too”


 Email ID. 
Mobile No. +91-9920995484



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