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Anger, Health & Nlp

11th February 2017  3.30 pm

Speaker's Bio

Cap. Anil Bhatia


Capt. Anil Bhatia is an ex - Merchant Navy Captain who sailed on different types of ships for 15 years. 
Since he wanted give back his knowledge and experience to the shipping industry, he took up teaching 
and training the Merchant Navy officers. He authored a book for Merchant Navy officers which is very 
popular in that profession and is used not only in India but in Merchant Navy training institute world 
over. Capt. Bhatia then shifted to soft skills training and is a professional and qualified Counselor, 
having done the counselling course from T.I.S.S. Deonar Mumbai. He is also a corporate soft skills 
trainer and is a certified NLP trainer and coach. Presently he is writing a book on simplified NLP 
training and its practical applications.

Contact No. 9619046363


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