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Human Disease And Nlp Subconscious Reimprinting

21st February 2017  5.00 pm

Event Description

As Medical Research Shows That Most Of Human Diseases Take Their Birth At The Level Of Our Mind In The Form Of Dis-ease. When Our Mind Perceives Any Event As An Unresolved Issue, Our Mind Send These Signals To Each Cell Of Our Body And Immunity As Well. This Information That Contains The 'dis-ease' Is Translated Into A Disease. This Is Why We Call Them ' Psychosomatic Disease. They Are Perceived In Our Mind And Are Experienced In Our Body.

So, To Treat These Diseases, We Need To Engage Our Mind Also Along With The Line Of Any Treatment.

Here Comes An Easy And Relevant Solution By Removing The Imprints Of Disease From Our SubConscious Mind And Installing The Imprints Of Wellness.

This We Call SubConscious Re-Imprinting.

This Can Be Done With The Most Authentic Human Mind Science Called NLP Or Neuro Linguistic Programming.


In This Talk, RAM Verma Who Is A Leading Expert Of Erasing The Dis-ease At The SubConsciouslevel, Will Reveal Some Of The Magical Step To Come Out Of Unresolved Issues Of Your Life And Enjoy The Bliss Of Life.

RAM.Verma Is The Most Experienced NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting Trainer In India Today. He Has Been Transforming People's Lives For More Than Two Decades.

So, If You Need A Solution To Your Emotional Or Physical Issues, Listen To RAM Verma. He Will Reveal You The Secret Of Ultimate Wellness.

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Ram Verma


Ram Verma, empowering through NLP & Subconscious Reimprinting people since 2001

Contact No. 9818099243


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