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Depression Healed By Nlp Sub Conscious Re-imprinting

14th March 2017  5.00pm

Event Description

Depression Is Becoming A Threat To Humanity. Depression Not Only Kills Human Energy But Also Causes An Number Of Human Diseases Like Diabetes, Heart Problem Or Even Cancer.

Depression Shows That There Lie A Number Of Unwanted Or Irrelevant Imprints In The Mind Of The Person.

It Has Already Proved That The Images Lying In Our Sub Conscious Do Guide Our Neurology, Endocrine System And Immune System As Well.

Today, You Can Not Only Explore These Imprints But Also Erase Or Replace Them With The Imprints Of Delightfulness And Wellness.

In This Wonderful Talk, India's Leading NLP Sub Conscious Re-Imprinting Coach RAM Verma Is Going To Guide You As To How You Can Come Out Of The Depression And Enjoy Delightfulness.

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Ram Verma


Ram Verma, empowering through NLP & Subconscious Reimprinting people since 2001

Contact No. 9818099243


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