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Personal Transformation Series Part 2 : Working Beyond Our Frames

16th March 2017  3.30pm

Event Description

In The Second Part Of This Series, The Speaker Will Explore The Inner Frames That We Choose To Hold Consciously Or Unconsciously And Their Impact On Who We Are And How We Perform In Life And Work. Frames Are References Or Definitions We Hold In Mind In The Context Of Our Relationships, Work And Life In General And These Can Often Become Unresourceful, Limiting Factors. During The Talk, The Speaker Will Share Some Models And Resources For Us To Re-look At Our Inner Frames And Reconfigure Or Drop Them So As To Release Our Energies And Be More Expansive. The Talk Is Influenced By The Speaker's Professional And Personal Work Around Transformation And Draws On Research On Neuro Linguistic Programming, Performance Excellence, Etc.

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Rukmini Iyer


Rukmini Iyer is a behavioural trainer, coach and organization development consultant with over eight years of experience in the Asian markets. She is also a freelancer writer and public speaker on soft skills and metaphysics.

She is the Director of Exult! Training and Content Solutions, based in Mumbai, India, founded in 2008. From being a behavioural training-focussed organization when it was founded, Rukmini has led Exult! into being an entity with wide consulting offerings that include large-scale employability projects in emerging economies, pre-sales consulting in the information technology space, goal-oriented personal coaching as well as effective training interventions for corporate houses. Exult! works with strategic alliance partners specialising in various areas.

Rukmini, while overseeing the regular operations of Exult!, also undertakes consulting and coaching assignments. Currently, she is engaged as a coach to a community leader in Mumbai, working on holistic self development and public speaking. She is also a principal consultant in the area of content development with School of Soft Skills, South Africa, that is working towards employability development in South Africa. She has also been doing several corporate training programmes in behavioural skills and communication.

In the past, Rukminihad been employed with several organizations in mid-management and leadership roles and has been exposed to various aspects of training management including need analysis, content development, delivery and conducting train-the-trainer modules. As a coach, she has been engaged in critical assignments that involve professionalization of business, career development and interviewing skills and self development.

Academically, Rukmini has Masters degrees in Industrial Psychology as well as Management, after a Bachelors in Commerce from the University of Mumbai. She regularly undertakes professional courses for upgrading skills and is also a certified PhotoReader from Learning Strategies Corporation, USA. She has been a recipient of prestigious professional scholarships from world-renowned organizations. As a freelance writer, she has several publications to her credit, including books and articles. Integration of metaphysics, spirituality and business management is a special area of interest that she works on professionally and academically. On the social front, she has been actively associated with international organizations including Toastmasters Club, Rotaract and Mensa. She also consults individuals in the area of energy readings, spiritual counselling and alternative healing therapies.


�        Exchange Scholar to Sri Lanka (2008-09) from The Rotary Foundation, USA
�        MEC Scholar for the Asian Human Resource Board Fellowship Programme (2010)

�        Advanced Communicator Bronze (2009) and Competent Leader (2009) Awards from Toastmasters International, USA

Ph.: 9819074099 


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