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What After Plasty Or Bypass ? Heart Disease Reversal And Rehabilition

10th April 2017  3.30 pm

Event Description

Many Time It Is Seen That The Cardiac Complaints And Symptoms Still Remains Even After PTCA Or CABG - Is It Possible To Live Without Pain Without Increasing Chemical Medicines
Dr. Hiral Shah Talks About Reversal And Rehabilitation Of Post Treatment Cardiac Cases And Cases Which Are Of Non Operable Conditions Like Low EF, VHD Etc. 

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Hiral Shah


Dr . Hiral Shah

Clinical Naturopath
Practicing Naturopathy since last 15 years .
Currently Associated with Navjeevan Global Heart center for advance dietic research of Heart, Cancer  ,Arthritis,  Brain and Kidney patients.

Was working as a scientist / consultant with,Pfizer (India ), Elder pharmaceuticals , Godrej ,
 Ralies India (TATA) in Allopathy sectors like , vaccines, antibiotics,  antioxidants etc.
The background of Allopathic research and present practice of Naturopathy have given me vast understanding of the diseases and their relation to human body .

Arthritis is 24 a day pain , once occurred person has to live with it in pain condition

The seminars and camps conducted help the society to understand the occurrence and  natural reversal of Arthritis. I have found it very effective  to get high rate of success in revering the arthritis and joint pain conditions .

Life style, Diet and Herbs play hand in hand  role but understanding the disease itself is like beginning of the reversal of Arthritis.

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