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Kidney Disease Reversal And Rehabilitation

19th April 2017  3.30 pm

Event Description

 Rise In Serum Creatinine And MRD - All Leads To Dialysis. Is There Any Hope To Save MRD Patient From Dialysis? Understand Possibilities Of Reversal And Rehabilitation Of Kidney Diseases By DR. M.G.Desai

Speaker's Bio

Dr. M. G. Desai



Dr. M.G.Desai has passed his M.B.B.S from Grant Medical College ( J.J. Hospital)in 1971.He left his M.S. to join preventive Medicine. He did his M.D. in Alternative Medicine. He has been practicing Medicine for last 42 years. He has successfully managed 100 bedded Hospitals. He is a research scholar and has made invaluable contribution to Medicine. Dr.Dcing & Reversal of ill health is highest. May be unique globally.

Dr. Desai has greatest experience and highest number of patients treated successfully. His success rate of Vascular Patenesai has been touring China, Middle east Europe, USA, Mauritius, Kenya and other countries to deliver lectures & valuable contribution in developing alternative medicines, E.E.C.P. treatments & E.E.C.P. Machines.His medicines are most advanced and relieve various stubborn aliments.Many times Representatives from ACAM ( American Collage of Advance Medicine- U.S.A have visited his centre and are fascinated by his success of Advance Allopathic Therapy: AAMC, EEPT and the numberof patientscured . His Vast knowledge of alternative medicine is remarkable. He is invited to hear & honour his medical achievement & invaluable services to humanity all over world by highest dignitaries.

He is merit scholar of two universities well read highly intelligent scholar who got fed up by ocean full of knowledge which was not able to help dying patients, therefore he changed his track to alternative medicine extracted wonderful miraculous result.

Contact No. 9769182686



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