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How To Lose Weight In 10 Seconds Through Your Subconscious Mind

5th October 2017  3.30pm

Event Description

I Would Be Explaining A Little About The Subconscious Mind And It's Functioning. Teaching 2 Simple Techniques As To How You Could Effortlessly Lose Weight And Get Good Health Through Your Subconscious Mind And What Is The Basis For The Most Important Breathing Technique That Is Taught Everywhere.

Speaker's Bio

Mrs. Tasneem Hunaid


Mrs. Tasneem Hunaid, one of the most sought after, passionate and dedicated NLP (Subconscious Mind Programming) Life Coach in India today empowering people with NLP techniques in English, Hindi and Gujaratifrom all walks of life around the country.

She is not only trained in NLP but also has a Masters Degree in Science, Management and a Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed.), besides being trained in Beauty, Grooming, Sports and various other fields from some of the best in the country and around the world and has excelled in each field. She also has a very varied corporate experience.

She conducts her workshop in a mix of all languages to help in ease of learning and make you feel completely comfortable

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Tel : 9833663456


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