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Know How For Self Help

18th November 2017  3.30 pm

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Mugdha Shah


HR Leader from TISS (after completing B.Com from N M College, Diploma in Dramatics from Mithibai College and NCC achievements from G N Khalsa college) with 20 years of work experience serving Indian HR & CSR through Godrej &Tata group.


Over and above being HR Generalist, serving in variety of roles with multiple reputed institutions in India as effective motivator, assessor and guide in


·Self management & development

·Change management & Talent management

·Servant leadership as Transformational leadership

·Business Excellence through Intrapreneurship

·Life coaching through Appreciative Inquiry

·CSR Strategies & Synthesis for sustainable scalability


Developed benchmark success in developing and engaging competencies, talent & teams across sectors, levels, geographies and scenarios. Well exposed to Indian culture and changing aspirations across age, strata and professions.


Recognized as thought leader within and outside India. Known for intrapreneurial interventions and out of the box innovations for WIN WIN solutions that are sustainably scalable. Loved and cherished by various communities as their friendly well wisher.


Nature lover and enthusiastic practitioner of natural farming. Became known for inside out learning modules such as Svayam (Entrepreneurship), Mirror (Interpersonal relations) and OM (One Me based on Adwait way of living).


Social science student servant of Agriculture sector who led various social experiments since more than a decade. Found women power across Agri value chain as the core and common player who can revitalize transformative energy in the agricultural human resource.


Multiple rounds of country visits across states over the years convinced that the missing link between potential and performance of the women power lies in self realization by the women in their own potential as individual and as community.


Conceptualized the aria of development (aria = awareness à reflections à insights à action) titling it as Kasturi to signify the message that the answer lies within. Witnessed N number of living examples that act as regular reminder reemphasizing the fact.


Designed the intervention with SCARF model that provides motherly warmth for evolution of social mind. Committed to offer Kasturi as SCARF that provides Status Certainty Autonomy Relatedness & Fairness to each stakeholder including humanity and planet.


Progressing well on the journey to be Master Coach. Aware of the innate potential of every human being to be a coach. Presently focusing on women related with Agriculture to realize the potential and revive the sector and through that majority of natural resources including human.


Open to all approaches, inclusive of all stakeholders, with ability to relate with all as One.


Happy to Be. Joyous to Live. Cheer leader of Life.


That’s Mugdha Shah also known as Daasadaasohama for you.


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