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Mental Fitness Through Saral Memory System

4th January 2018  3.30

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Shreeprakash Jaluka


Contact No. 8454914999

Brief synopsis of talk

Proven methods to increase concentration and memory (mind) power for longer retention in Hindi. NLP techniques to increase concentration and memory power are very practical and useful for students and everyone who wants to increase concentration and memory power for longer retention,ways to improve memory and brain health, how to improve your memory, techniques to help improve your memory, ways to improve your brain function, easy ways to enhance your brain health, ways to improve your memory and boost brainpower, tips to improve your mental fitness,

It's really difficult to achieve a goal when you are mentally seeing yourself NOT achieving the goal!

NLP techniques

Neurological levels - to change beliefs

Muting Negative inner voice

Positive self-talk.


Brief Resume

Shreeprakash Jaluka is a wonderful personality with over 25 years

of overall experience. He has worked in corporate world for 22 years.

His current profile includes but not limited to Motivational Trainer, Graphologist,

NLP Master Practitioner &  Memory Coach.

During his training career, he has trained many individuals, corporates &

Network marketers. He has also transformed and brought a positive

Change in the lives of many people in India by exploring & empowering their potential.



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