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Finding Soulmate Relationship

9th May 2018  3.30 pm

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Swati Dhawan



Achieving pinnacles in the healthcare sector through dedicated and devoted service to mankind.

Fifteen years of experience in the Healthcare Industry encompassingareas of health and life insurance(inclusive of networking, claims management,claims authorization,underwriting, tariff and package negotiation, product development, policy and SOP writing), clinical research(inclusive of training ,preparing a question bank, course notes,slides, handouts, exercises, quizzes and phase III and phase IV of clinical trials) , data management,. Equipped with framing new policies & implementation, resource distribution & recruitment, development & training, conducting induction programs and general administration. Familiar with all phases of work cycle and processes.

Professional experience

Employment from December 2005 onwards

Hospital/ Healthcare Management Consultant and Cosmic  Quantum Holistic Wellbeing Consultant. Services include operational management for functional facilities, market survey and feasibility studies, facility planning and commissioning of projects, health care projects, equipment planning and procurement, auditing functional facilities for quality and operational efficiency, human resource assistance, quality initiatives, marketing support, and performance assessment for improving financial indicators and bottom lines.

Holistic Wellbeing includes mind, body and soul and involves implementation of yoga techniques from ancient Indian scriptures....the Vedas for salvation.Visiting faculty for hospital and healthcare management at Welingkar Institute of Management.

Simply click on to and select Wellbeing under which you will find Interviews,put Dr. Swati Dhawan and find my interview

Employer from February 2005 to November 2005

Asian Heart Institute and Research Centre as a Consultant/Advisory Role


  • Instrumental in setting up a Clinical Research Department based on ICH/GCP guidelines and directives of USFDA and ICMR for a tertiary care, super-specialty hospital in Mumbai and managing five international projects of repute on a day to day basis.

·         Policy framing and implementation, making guidelines, setting protocols and training other staff were a major part of the profile.

·         Framing legally compliant policies and implementing and monitoring the same.

·         Maintaining a strong database and setting up policies and procedures as per ISO 9000-2000 standards.

·         Managed a team of thirty five people with diverse backgrounds and academics.

Employer from October 2004 to January 2005


Designation – Clinical Research Co-ordinator


Hospihealth Consultants India Pvt.Ltd.


Planning, strategizing, framing policies, devising standard and clinical protocols, directing and conducting feasibility studies for various Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions.

Designation-Hospital Planning Consultant

Employer from September 2003 to October 2004

Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd


Profile –

·Instrumental in starting and setting up a Networking Department for the Company consisting of Physicians, Diagnostic Centres and Tertiary Care Hospitals pan India.

·Maintaining ethical standards and procedures for appointing doctors, centers, hospitals and ensuring that all payments to them are made on time. Making/devising packages, underwriting Charts taking into account age, gender and other parameters.

·Supervisory role of various branches(eighteen in number) with the assistance of Branch Medical Co-ordinators and Branch Office Executives and deciding on the eligibility of a particular physician/center to be empanelled.

·Making special arrangements for High Net Worth client appointments by sending them to trusted physicians and centers, as has been assessed earlier in accordance with the Risk Control Unit.

·Managing Underwriting and Claims Control Department, with critical focus on eligibility of Claims Administration

·Policy framing, making guidelines, setting protocols and training Branches and other staff.

·Managing a team of twenty five to thirty members at pan India level and locations.

Employer from November 2001 to July 2003

Paramount Healthcare Management Ltd.

Profile - To look after health insurance claims administration, to decide on eligibility, issuing authorization letters, on call medical advice.

·Empanelling Physicians, Diagnostic centers, Hospitals after ascertaining that the various medical, legal, infrastructural, social, geographical criteria are fulfilled and have trained and well qualified medical and paramedical staff.

·Making various surgical and diagnostic packages based on client need and requirements serving as cost control tools to Insurance Companies, thus helping in regulating pricing of Healthcare Procedures and facilities to make it common man pocket friendly.

·Training various Branches and fresh recruits.

Designation : Senior Medical Officer

Other Achievements:


  • Was shortlisted and invited by the Department of Science and Technology, Haryana State, Government of India to present a Paper in the seminar on "Science and Spirituality”, held on an all-India level on 4-5th November’2006,for scholars in the field of science , technology ,medicine, philosophy. Was the youngest member to contribute in the seminar and also one of the few contributing female participants.


·Worked with IPC Heart Care Centre from September 2001 to February 2003 in conducting Preventive Cardiology Workshops, camps and seminars.

·Worked with Muktisadan, a Community based project for Urban Slums and Streets from May 2001 to June 2001 in reformation, upliftment and empowerment activities.

·CSR Initiative in an IT Governance Company


Email Id:

Contact No. 91-22-26148922,+91-9619472093









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