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An Open Letter To The Rapist

6th June 2018  3.30 pm

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Subash Sequeira


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With almost 25 years of experience, I have trained/coached thousands of participants in 4 continents. Having worked with top brand names in India and abroad, I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrities and achievers. Earlier on in life, I faced hardship and abuse. As a young man, I took a decision to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. I worked towards strengthening my core beliefs and values. This paid off! I was one of the youngest Indians to get an international scholarship. A peek into my life showcases how emotionally strong and creative I have become. Today, I put the learnings from the varied multi-cultural experiences that I have had into programmes which helps my clients to achieve focus which leads to tremendous personal and professional growth. I have guided thousands to overcome the hurdles in their lives, emotional challenges and have improved their sense of worth/well-being. Through my workshops and programmes, I have encouraged participants to think beyond the routines of our daily lives. Being full of humour, my stories paint a brilliant image in one’s mind and this leaves an indelible mark in their minds. Because of my varied exposure across boundaries, my training and organisational development sessions has enabled me to conduct programs with a wide range of people which included students, housewives, entrepreneurs and senior managers from about 25 different countries. While they all came from different economic and cultural backgrounds, I realised that life teaches all of us the same lessons, albeit in diverse measures.


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