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Colors Chakras And Food

25th June 2018  3.30pm

Speaker's Bio

Ms.  Rita Gandhi


Naturopathic Consultant

Contact No. 9987390705

BA graduate,with major in economics and political science .
After marriage had keen interest in food and nutrition thus pursued further studies .
The journey started :-
Sophia Polytechnic :Food and nutrition one    year diploma  .

Naturopathy degree from International council for complementary medicine, Lucknow.  

Worked and  assisted Dr. Vijaya Venkat.for 13 years .
Given more then 150 talks on nutrition basics.

Working on the project care to cure and health is in our hand .

A good hands on experience of 3 years at Vangani farm teaching the villagers about benefits of oil free cooking and home remedies for better healthy living.

Teaching  nutrition re-education   main purpose is to reduce medicine in day to day life and live naturally.

 Enjoy teaching  zero oil cooking .

A personal nutritional councellor operating from home.

  • Nutritional Counselling 
  • Alternative Therapist
  • Give Lectures on Health and Wellness
  • Teaching fat free herbal cooking
  • Chakra setting and healing with food
  • Graha and Chakras
  • Yoga, Pranayam, Detoxing
  • Reki Grand Master
  • Ramal Vaidya Jyotish


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