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Perseverance : No – The Secret Word To Becoming A Billionaire

3rd August 2018  3.30pm

Event Description

This Session Is All About How Being Rejected And Failing To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams Can Make You A Billionaire. We Will Talk About How Developing A Mindset For Perseverance And Never Giving Up Can Help You Pursue Your Most Ambitious Dreams & Goals. Everything Starts And Ends With The Mind, And The Physical Body Is Simply A Catalyst To Execute The Reality Your Mind Is Visualizing At This Very Moment. 

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Pavan Priakash Badlani


Contact no. 9930826643

Pavan Priakash Badllani is a Personality Development Coach, Graphology Expert and a Celebrity Motivational Speaker. He strongly believes that everybody can be a leader we simply need to believe in ourselves and recognize our potential to be a winner every day.

With over 7 years of rich experience and success in the training industry, Pavan has transformed over 3,000 + participants all over India. As the founder and creator of his own brand of motivational speaking, Pavan is known for his powerful skills to blend humor, story-telling, insights and practicality. He is a certified corporate trainer with the Indian Academy of Training and Development. Pavan specializes in the style of being friendly and enigmatic at the same time.

His list of esteemed clients include Nivea Pvt Ltd, Times of India, MET Institute of Mass Media, Nahar Amrit Shakti Group to name a few and he has provided training and consultation to national and international celebrities from films, fashion, television and the music industry all over the world.

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