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25th October 2018  3.30pm

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Rupa Batra


An Introduction

  • A Delhi based Commerce graduate, Rupa Batra, completed her MBA in Marketing and Masters of Sciences (Environmental Sciences).
  • She enjoys traveling extensively, within India and Abroad, to spread peace.
  • She aims at making the world a better place to live by balancing man, material and nature through Vaastu.

Her Vision

  • Her vision is to educate people on the subject so that each one could spread peace, harmony, happiness, promote human development and enrich their potential to create a positive environment at their home, work place, in the society and the country.


What she likes to do

  • A highly accomplished international speaker with her talk shows on Vaastu is a hit with the audiences.
  • Numerous business houses and individuals have experienced visible results in their output with her Vaastu and lifestyle guidance.
  • She conducts her talks in lively, humorous and interactive way.
  • She loves to write and publish articles about Vaastu and Feng Shui as subjects and a general passion of her experiences as she travels.


Global Vaastu, a company which provides services related to:

  • Vaastu
  • Feng Shui
  • Astrology
  • Nameology

 What makes her stand apart

  • She believes in striking at the bottom of the problem and then striking at the solutions.
  • People approach her with specific problems, at personal or professional front but her aim of hitting hard at the cause and the reason brings about a complete change in the person’s life for a lifetime. 

A decade + of practice

  • Recorded continuous growth
  • Result-oriented approach
  • Unremitting research and development aimed at introducing latest techniques and practices. This makes her stand apart from many others who practice in this industry.

One can find her trending in Online Searches.

Her Mantra

"Vaastu Corrections without Demolitions”

  • Done with the help of
  • Color treatment
  • Pyramidology
  • Crystal Treatment
  • Natural revitalizing therapies (using plants, stones, and earth elements)



  • USA
  • Switzerland
  • Sri Lanka
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi (U.A.E)
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • Many other parts of the globe…
  • Vaastu Disseminations- Talk sessions for 
  • Vaastu Disseminations- Talk sessions for
  • Corporate Houses
  •  Stress management through space management
  • Work-life balance
  • Creating internal harmony among employees.
  • Boosting sales through employee motivation programs
  • Reducing retrenchment rate
  • Role reversal
  • Energizing Office spaces



 Nameology Analysis

  • Get your Name analyzed for your life betterment and creating
  • Success for yourself.
  • What is suitable NAME for your success and growth?
  • What changes in name can bring Name & Fame.
  • Is the Name of your company suitable for Growth?
  • Are your product names suitably giving the growth pattern?

 Mobile Number Analysis

  •  Get your Mobile number analyzed for its positive impact on:
  • Your life and relationships
  • Success for yourself
  • Business Impact of number
  • How to draw the right kind of energies on your mobile led
  • Discussions.
  • What changes in a mobile number can bring you Name & Fame.
  • Is your Mobile number suitable for Growth.
  • Similarly get your Company landline and call center number
  • Analyzed. 

 Date of Birth Reading Analysis

 Rupa believes in finding and giving the correct remedies, rather

that talking stories, life changing remedies are prescribed to align

the planets and to reduce the negative or malefic effects.

  • Strengthening the powerful or active planets to enhance the
  • Positive results for growth patterns.
  • Remedies will correct ill-effects of the malefic planets.
  • Kundali analysis will help to get results in areas related to life
  • Events that are not beneficial.
  • For success, growth and stability.
  • Know what factors or planets can & will enhance your growth.

 Logo Design as per Vaastu & Feng Shui:

  • Office Stationery Design
  • Get your existing or new logo analyzed
  • Get alterations to existing logos
  • Get your office stationery analyzed and designed;
  • §letter-head,


    §And other documents

 Website Analysis

  • Get your existing website analyzed as per vaastu and Feng Shui
  • Get a fresh website designed from scratch according to Vaastu and Feng Shui

Vaastu Solutions for Celebrities

  • Harmony in color and personality
  • Right Vaastu for designer interiors
  • Vaastu for Personal spaces
  • Nameology
  • How to handle depression
  • How to stay consistent
  • How to tackle break-ups
  • Mobile Number Analysis

Vaastu Solutions for Home makers

  •  Stress free management of house
  • Managing kids and work
  • Energizing the gardens
  • Power packed kitchens
  • Creating calm and pacifying bedroom culture
  • Color Therapy
  • Landline number analysis

 Vaastu Solutions for Students

  • Identifying the right goals
  • How to stay consistent
  • Pressure handling
  • Boosting retaining and recalling abilities

 Awards & Accolades

  • Woman of Excellence Award: by Media vision
  • Indian Women Power Awards
  • India Achievement Awards : By Indian Journalist Welfare
  • Foundation
  • Mahila Ratna :by Vishwa Mitra Pariwar.
  • Shakhsheeyat Award,Jaipur
  • SNP Woman's Achievers Award
  • Magika Women's Award

 Associations & Advisory

  •  Founder-Vaastu Mandir Sewa Trust
  • World Punjabi Organisation
  • FICCI Ladies Organization
  • Advisor - Delhi Vaibhav Newspaper
  • Associations & Advisory
  • Delhi international film festival
  • International film and television club
  • Global vegetarian Association

 Features on TV shows & Radio programs

 TV Channels:

  • Live India (weekly shows)
  • Aaj Tak
  • Sadhana TV

Radio Channels:

  • Red FM
  • Radio Mirchi
  • Big FM
  • Lotus FM 87.7 Durban South Africa
  • Hindvani FM south Africa
  • Dubai FM 89.1 (UAE)

 Features in print media

  • The Times of India
  • Dainik Jagran
  • Hindustan Times
  • Aaj
  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • BNA Germany
  • The Navhind Times
  • And many more…

Services- Related to Vaastu

  • Buildings & Residences Vaastu to gain benefits of Vaastu.
  • On-site consultations to architects, designers, and individuals
  • Renovations
  • Map Analysis
  • Remedies to improve Vaastu
  • Feng-Shui
  • Pyramidology

Services delivered for

  • Flats & Apartments
  • Builder Floors
  • Bungalows
  • Heritage properties
  • Farm houses
  • Factories & Mills
  • Heavy industry & production houses
  • Commercial spaces
  • Offices, Shops, Show rooms,
  • Hotels, Banquet halls & Fast food center
  • Hospitals , Nursing homes & Clinics
  • Entertainment spaces, Clubs & Cinemas
  • Education Centers Colleges, Universities & Schools.

Vaastu for film location and set

  •  Film astrology
  • Vaastu and fengshui for sets
  • Nameology for films name and
  • Individual name


Secrets of Vaastu Revealed….

  • Extract from her book: Vaastu based on certain age old principles, is a science which enhances the quality of life by harmonizing the five elements viz. Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire, which are a must for survival. By adopting vaastu rules one can transform life to a better environment. It can also be stated that after rectifying the vaastu defects within a particular structure the positive energies and vibrations shall develop and flow.
  • Currently she is working on another book which will combine fashion and feng shui which will release this year.

 Vaastu Mandir Sewa Trust

 Join our Social Responsibility

Dr Batra is rigorously engaged into social cause through her outfit called

 Vaastu Mandir Sewa Trust (regd.).

 'Donate your clutter for the better'. This trust launched a campaign…

  • Individuals and companies may donate the things that they do

not require.

  • These items are then passed over to the unprivileged.

This creates a clutter free environment for those who donated

Things and as Feng shui says that donating generates positive chi

Or positive energy for you, this act provides immense satisfaction

to the underprivileged people.

 Salt Distribution:

  • Dr Batra organizes camps to distribute free salt to people to ward

off any negativities from the house or office. You can be a part of

this campaign and avail the benefits of it.

 NGO Support:

  • She works free for NGOs for 4 days per month as part of her

Personal social responsibility.

 Contact us:

Vaastu Mentor l Feng Shui & Astro Expert | Nameologist

New Mumbai : 

# 3, Tower - A, Snehbandhan Society, Plot No.3, Sector 16A, New Fire Station,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703

New Delhi : 

E 16/376, Sector 8, Rohini, New Delhi - 110085, Delhi, INDIA

Mobile: +919810114184

Email ID:




Tweet: tweet@drrupabatra

Skype: drrupab


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