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Five Principles Of Reiki For Holistic Life

14th February 2019  3:30

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Ajit Telang


Mr. Ajit Telang was born to parents who were born and brought up in Goa in December 1952 and did his schooling with Ram Mohan English School in Girgaum in Mumbai. He got his graduation from a prestigious Elphinstone College in Chemistry and post- graduation with specialization in Nuclear & Radio Chemistry from Institute of Science, Mumbai University as well as Postgraduate in Management (MMM) from Jamnalal Bajaj Inst. of Management Studies of Mumbai University Mr. Telang worked with industries like Tatas and Mafatlals for about 10 years in the areas of Strategic Business Planning and Marketing. He founded Synergesic Business Research as independent Business Consultant since 1985 advising many large and medium sector companies in India and abroad. He was also a founder Director of Synertech Projects Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Mumbai and Golden Age Software Technologies Pvt Ltd Mumbai. Mr. Telang is one of the senior most Reiki Masters in the country and has been teaching Reiki since 1997.Telang is also a founder of Reiki Vidya Niketan- a premier institution in Reiki Healing in India and abroad, with more than 30,000 students all over. RVN has 17 centres in India and 7 training locations in USA. He is also a visiting faculty on Interfaith Training at North eastern Illinois University in Chicago USA since 2005. He is also a founder of Corporate Training Division of Synergesic launching a Training Series under the title of S.O.M.E. (Spiritual Outlook for Management Enterprises). Programs like Paradigm Shift Within, Effortless Excellence, Empowerment for Parenting Initiative & Challenges (EPIC), Energy Demand Supply Matrix, Unleashing the Power Within, e-HR (Effective Human Relationships), Holistic Personality Development as a part of his Youth Empowerment Program and Millennial Managers are some of the established programs in corporate world. He was recently invited to speak in an education forum by Gujarat Government on the topic of Teachers’ Development Program at Palanpur, Gujarat. Mr.Telang has authored books like Rainbow in the Heart, Mirages & Oasis, Lamp Unto Yourself, Just for Today, Holistic Personality Development, Commentary on Bhaja Govindam and Holistic Parenting some of which are also translated in local languages. 

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