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Application Of Missing Frequencies As Sound Therapy In Disease Prevention

13th May 2019  3.30pm

Speaker's Bio

Dr.  Mahesh Hukmaani


Jupiter Voice Scan & Its Role In the Reversal of the Disease Process.


·Is it Really Possible to Prevent Diseases from Manifesting in the Body?


·Is it Really Possible to have a Healthy Mind Body & Soul and Reverse the Ageing Phenomenon?


·Is it Really Possible to Apply the Principles of Root Cause Analysis in wellness to Reverse the Progression of Disease Process?


·Is it Really Possible to Reprogram your Sub conscious Mind Permanently?


I invite you to come and Join me in my workshop as I :


·Do in depth analysis of what makes us Progress from a relatively Pin head sized Stressed up state to a Zone of Disease & to the point of no return.


·Explain in details as to how the Subconscious Blue Print of each individual can be strengthened to the Point of Achieving Longevity and Wellness.


Welcome to learn with me Jv-scan, A New Modality in Holistic Healing.


This New Modality is going to take you to the Journey with in and prove to be the Most Life Transforming and Life empowering Experience of your wellness Journey.


You will learn to apply the Principles to bring about a reversal in the Progression of your Disease Process Right from Day 1.


Add Value to your Life be it as an end user or a Practitioner & Start Helping Other’s with the same.


The Wellness Industry has many Players who come up with new Modalities every now & then , claiming it to be the best ever for anything they project.


Come And Learn How JV-SCAN is Superior to another Modality and How Jv-Scan can Scientifically Silence all claims made towards Prevention of Disease.


Now it’s Possible to Prevent diseases before they manifest: by Jupiter Voice Scan
Be a certified Preventive Diagnosis Practitioner
Now and increase the efficacy of your Treatment.


The only Modality in the History of Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine that has its own diagnostic tool ( just like Allopathy has CT-Scan, USG, X-Ray etc )


The Only complete integrated Modality that Aids in:

·Identifying the root cause of of your Ailments:Root Cause Analysis.


· identifying the List ofTrapped EmotionsLodged in the Sub conscious Mind


· Identifying theBalancingdone by your Conscious Mind & its results on your emotional quotient


· Identifying theStage wise Progression of your Disease Processfrom theemotional levelto the level ofBloodand subsequent changes in the Blood Profile & Its Further Progression into ThePhysical Bodywith Predictive Involvement of Organ or System ..If you don’t wake up..still.


·IdentifyingMissing Frequencies or Other Measures to Bring about theReversal of the disease Process.


TheOnly Diagnosis Tool in Alternative Therapies thatIdentifies the Following in Just one Click:

·-Imbalances In:The Chakra System.

·-Imbalances in :The Meridian System.

·-Imbalances in the5 Elements Systemand


·-Amino acidsImbalances




·-Imbalances of: Minerals , Ions, Electrolytes In the Blood

Finally, Thedisease Outcome, with specific list indication of particular set of Organs as a result of these Imbalances if not Corrected In Time.



Copy rightedand under Trade Mark Protection

The Only"Root Cause Analysis”Faculty in the History Of Medicine.

The Only tool that gives afull Body reporting inclusive of all 12 Systemsin

the Body: In just 30 Seconds.

The Only tool available in the World, That aids inPrevention of Disease.

The Only tool that aids in Disease prevention, Not Just highlighting oneOrgan , Butall 12 Systemsworking in the Body I,eWhole Body scan: In Disease Prevention.

The Only Tool thatimproves the Coping Mechanismof the Mind, so youdon’t progress from Relaxed State to astress Zone.

The only modality in Alternative Medicine that can give indication ofwhatfrequencies are to be used& all are customized.

The Only Modality that address theIssues of the Sub conscious Mind.

-The Only Modality that Aids in TheRe programming of the SubconsciousMindand Help release theMind ClutterBybringing the Negative Emotionsfrom the deep recesses of theSubconscious to the

Superficial ConsciousMindand thusaids inReleasing The Trapped Emotions.

Advantages of Jv-Scan:

1.User Friendly

2.Cost Effective


4.Highly specific in its Diagnostic Ability

5.Highly Sensitive for each Individual

6.All Reporting’s are Customized and based on each clients Graph.

7.The Only available Modality for:Preventive Diagnosis.


DrMaheish M D Hukmaaniis an Eye Surgeon by profession and did his

MS in ophthalmology from the prestigious S.M.S Medical college and

Hospital Jaipur ( Raj.) in 1998.

He practiced till 2008, and jumped into the field of Research withQuantum Physics

andVibrational Medicineas his choice.


He developed a new concept calledScalar energy Pyramidin Early 2010

and Tested the same for itsAnti radiation Propertiesand its ability to improve

the immune status upon the Human Body with excellent Results as evidenced

by PIP SCAN, Aura PhotoGraphy, Aura Scan Etc.

Scalar Energy Pyramid is Now aPatentProductwith him.

Later on he also developedSCALAR ENERGY BRASS BALLSfor alleviation of pain especially Joint Pains.

Planet Healerswas Founded byDr Maheish M D Hukmaaniin Nov 2011.

His Research inVibrational Medicinewent on until one day he managed to develop a software for Voice analysis, calledJupiterVoice ScanorJV-SCAN, as anew Holistic approachinDiagnosing theTrappedEmotionsOf Sub conscious Mind & treating the human body deficiencies in the form of puresound frequenciesnamed by him asHEALING CODE THERAPY.


It is now matured into the one and onlyComplete integrated Wellness Concept, in the History of Holistic/Alternative therapies, that helps inDisease Prevention, Utilizing its ownDiagnostics(Only Allopathy has its own Diagnostics otherwise), and treatment by means of Pure sound Frequencies, making it a completely drugless, painless, affordable method of treatment.


The whole Concept is underCopy Right Protection

With more than1200 clientstreated successfully in the last 3.5 years after its launch on June 24, 2013, This method is becoming the treatment of choice for not only disease prevention but also disease elimination.

AtPlanet Healers , we use an Integrated Approachfor the following Issues which we have Treated successfully so far …Research is on for many more to be added to the list..

Here is List of Debility /Diseases We have Treated successfully so far in the Last 4 years with clinical trials made on more than 1200 people. Our System displays an accuracy of 99% with its Diagnostics and more than 90% in terms of treating without Drugs/Medication by mere sound frequencies, Found missing in an individual Human Voice.

PS NOTE: 1.This Document is not valid for any Legal or Medico legal Purposes.

2. All Clients were subject to Healing Code Therapy after their Consent Only.

3. Names of the Clients can’t be divulged as a part of our Privacy Policy.

LIST OF DISEASES/Disorders CURED WITH IN 30 DAYS: With Healing Code Therapy


2. Depression

3. Phobias

4. Memory

5. Suicidal Tendencies

6. Stress

7. Anger

8. Fear

9. All Neurotic Disorders

10. Some Psychotic Disorders : Obsession, Schizophrenia

11. Sleep Disorders

12. Joint Pains

13. Headaches

14. Migraines

15. Weight Loss

16. Energy Boost

17. Fatigue

18. Alcohol Addictions

19. Drug Addictions

20. Tobacco Addictions

21. Acne

22. Skin Allergies

23. Chronic Cough

24. Loss Of Apetite

25. Hair Growth

26. Erectile Dysfunction In Males

27. PCOD In Females

28. Sinusitis

29. Sore Throat

30. Stiff Shoulder

31. Urticaria

32. Vertigo

33. Cervical Pain

34. Stammering

35. Prostate Related Issues

36. Eczema

37. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

38. Menstrual Disorders In Females

39. Backache

40. Relation Ship Issues In Couples

41. Will Power Issues

42. Low Self Esteem Issues

43. Intimacy Issues

44. Insecurities

45. Ego Issues

46. Inferiority Complex

47. Loss Of Joy

48. Social Stress

49. Cravings For Food

50. Resentment

51. Gloom






5. DIABETES in a few cases not on Insulin

6. Impotence

7. High Bp

8. High Cholesterol

9. High Uric Acid

10. A few cases of Wheat Allergy

We However don’t claim to Cure any diseases.

We are only Preventing Diseases from manifesting into the Body.

Sound therapies were administered for Physical Diseases as Mentioned to be cured only after patients decided to be a part of the Research.

Proudly: This system is Entirely MADE IN INDIA.

My Research is an ongoing process and many more things will unfold in the times to come.

DR M D Maheish Hukmaani
: Planet Healers, India
Voice Analysis Consultant
Sound Therapy Specialist

Inventor of :

1.Computerized Voice Analysis Software: JV-SCAN

2. Healing Code Therapy


4.Preventive Diagnosis using JV SCAN

5. Digital Crystal Therapy

6.Crystal Prescriptions based on Voice Analysis

7. Digital Healing Programme

8. Issue Based Sound Therapy




Mobile: +91-76962-42266




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