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Real Healing For Total Health

7th May 2019  3:30

Event Description

Spiritual Healing Is Real Healing Of Inner Cleansing.
Cleansing Colon, Arteries, Blood Is Physical Healing. Cleansing Of The Heart Is Mental Healing.
Cleansing Of The Soul Is Real Healing.

Ego, Fear, Anger Lead To Forgetfulness Of Divine Healing. We Continue Our Wasteful Activities.
We Suffocate Ourselves In Small Small Circles Of Fear, Selfishness And Ego.

Casualties Of Total Health:

First Casualty Is Peace And Happiness.
Second Causality Is Family.
Third Causality Is Progress Prosperity.
Final Causality Is Godliness.
How Can You Afford So Much Loss?
How Can We Put So Much At Stake?

Let's Take Responsibility, Ownership For Prosperity, Health, Peace Respect And Godliness, Throwing Away The Begging Bowls Of These Five Reverent Qualities. Self Respect, Self Confidence Makes Us Earn Our Originality, Restoring Us Our Divine Nature.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Kishore Punjabi


Contact no. 9821330400

Naturopath, Healer and Chiropractic therapist


Dr Kishore Punjabi is a seasoned Naturopath, Chiropractor and Healer practicing passionately for over 25 years, reveling in treating his patients holistically applying the simple laws of nature and health, thereby bringing wellness, fitness into fatigued muscles and relief to painful joints. His deep interest in nature cure led him to
Dr M L Kapoor, under whom he studied and mastered the art of Chiropractic therapy and then studied Naturopathy formally.
All musculoskeletal problems from Slipped Disc, Frozen shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Sciatica, Arthritis, Migraine, Neuralgia, Fibromalgia to Autoimmune diseases  are addressed in a catalytic environment of joy, fun and laughter. The 360° healing and recovery happens by working on head,  heart,  and soul through strengthening and transforming the individual’s 5R’s -Source of health : Relationships, Roles, Routines, Responsibility and Realisation.

Dr Punjabi’s therapy focuses on overall well being, increasing immunity of the patient through improved blood circulation and purification. The technique is completely natural with no prescription of any oral medicine. It includes manipulative techniques, nature endowed kitchen remedies,  diet, yogic exercises, pranayam and meditation.


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