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Discover ….. Why Are You, You?

4th July 2019  3.30pm

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Cicilia Chettiar



Asst. Professor & HOD, Dept. of Psychology, Maniben Nanavati Women’s College, Vile Parle West Mumbai – 400056; Mob: +919820310848 



Aug 2012 – Present: Asst. Prof & HOD, Dept. Of Psychology 

Aug 2006 – April 2012: Assistant Professor 

Aug 2004 – Aug 2006: Lecturer, Dept. Of Psychology 

Other Academic Contributions

June 2012 – June 2015: Co-ordinator, M.A. Clinical & Counseling Psychology Program ant M.N.W.C. Dec 2014 onwards: Honorary Associate Editor, Indian Journal of Mental Health (

June 2015 – May 2018: Editor, Research Horizons; International Peer- Reviewed Journal 


Ph.D.: Subjective Well Being As A Function Of Need Satisfaction, Causality Orientations, Goal Content And Intrinsic Motivation Across Two Cultures. Doctoral Degree received from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, INDIA, 2014. 

Fields of research interest include Positive Psychology, Culture, Spirituality & Indian Psychology. 

Research Profile at: 



Why are you, you? Published by Goya Publishers, India. 2019. 


1) Digital Learning in Psychology published as Conference proceedings at the Re- imagining the text: English Studies and Digital Humanities Conference held at MNWC, Mumbai, India. ISBN – 978-81-931585-6-2, pp.26-29 (24th& 25th November, 2017) 

2) The relationship between Basic Psychological Needs, Depression, Anxiety and Stress in students from urban India in Indian Journal of Mental Health ISSN - 2394-4579 Vol. 4 (3), pp – 267-274 (July, September 2017) 

3) A study of the relationship between the attitudes towards pornography and women amongst urban males in Indian Journal of Mental Health ISSN - 2394- 4579 Vol. 3 (2), pp 162-166. (2016) with Saleha Syed 

4) A Study of Need Satisfaction in Joint and Nuclear Families in Mumbai in Journal of Psychosocial Research ISSN – 0973-5410 (2015) 

5) A Study on Need Satisfaction, Causality Orientations, and Subjective Well Being in Indian Journal of Mental Health ISSN – 2394-6652 (2015) 

6) Yoga as an Intervention Method in the reduction of Anxiety in College Girls in the international journal Research Horizons ISSN–2229-385X (2014). 

7) Impact of Culture on Field Independence/Field Dependence as a Function of Learning Styles published in the international journal Research Horizons ISSN – 2229-385X (2013). 

8) Self Determination Theory and Subjective Well Being published as a chapter in the book Biopsychosocial Issues in Positive Health ISBN: 978-81-8220-491-1 (2012). 

9) Self-determination theory: The Impact of Needs on Anxiety published in Behavioural Research Review ISSN-0975-7198 (2012) 

10) Need Satisfaction, Goal Content and Subjective Well being published in the journal Indian Journal of Positive Psychology ISSN-2229-4937 (2012). 

Also many editorials and book reviews published. 


1) Digital Learning in Psychology presented at the Digital Humanities Conference at MNWC, Mumbai, India. (November 2017). 

2) Cultural Personality And Its Relevance In Indian Tourism paper presented at the International Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Language, Culture and Tourism at L.B.S. College, Jaipur (September 2017). 

3) Learner Autonomy in Language Learning: Challenges and Opportunities presented at the First International Conference of Humanities and Social Sciences at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhaou, China ( Oct, 2016) 

4) Intrinsic Motivation & Intrinsic Goals as Predictors of Psychological Well Being presented at NCEPW at Bharathiar University, India (Feb, 2014) 

5) Testing a Self-Determination Theory Model to Study Within-Nation Cultural Difference presented at IACCP, UCLA, USA (June, 2013) 

6) Psychological Interventions in Palliative Care: An Ethical Perspective presented at the University of Bethlehem, Palestine (April, 2013) 

7) Building Resilience in School Children presented at the Seminar on School Counseling & the Modern Child at MNWC, India (April, 2013) 

8) Needs and Soldier Anxiety presented at the International Conference on Advanced Military Practices, New Delhi, India (March, 2011). 

9) Study of Subjective Well being and its Impact on Regional Origin presented at the 98th Indian Science Congress, Chennai, India (January, 2011). 

10) The Common Factors in Spirituality and Psychotherapy presented at the International Conference on Positive Psychology, Jaipur, India (August, 2010). 

11) Impact of Culture on Field Dependent and Field Independent Learning presented at the National Conference on Learning and Human Diversity, Mumbai, India (August, 2009) 


a. American Psychological Association (Member ID: 45473901) 

b. International Association Of Cross-Cultural Psychology (Member ID:4281) 

c. Bombay Psychological Association (Life Member) 

d. Indian Science Congress Association (Life Member)


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