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Nada Yoga, Siddha Sound Healing & Music Therapy For Elevating Awareness Love & Well-being

6th December 2019  3.30pm

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Advait Danke


Biography of Advait Danke -
Advait Danke is an internationally certified Sound Therapist and Music Therapist (Raga-Chikitsa) with Ayurveda as his major subject. Interestingly, his journey is an entrepreneurial step that involves connecting the world through the vibrational power of Sound and Music. Moreover, his outreach has expanded to Europe where he has extensively toured for spreading the awareness of Nada Yoga, Ayurveda and delivering the ancient art of Sound Healing. In fact, Advait has represented India and has also performed in various international cultural festivals, thereby spreading the awareness of Nada Yoga. His voice is getting tuned to positive frequencies under the grace of Gurus & Masters and it creates an aura of love which benefits the people greatly.

His workshops are not limited to any requisites. It's available for everyone: young, old, couples and families. He has performed in various disease awareness, fund raising events for spreading the awareness about Nada Yoga. He has delivered remarkable results, wherein, people have reported a tremendous shift in their health, wealth, relationships, career & consciousness. Moreover, Advait is a student of Indian Classical Vocals and he composes and performs electronic music for spreading relaxation and happiness. Therefore, his sessions dramatically improve the overall health and well-being of the recipients.

Time and again, Advait has shown an inclination towards contributing to the benefit of people, across the globe He has won several accolades for representing Nada Yoga in Poland, Czech Republic and has been featured in several media houses like ZeeTV News and the Times of India. In addition to this, NMIMS University has also awarded Advait Danke where he is currently pursuing his engineering.

Media Mentions:
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About BodhMarga Foundation -
• BodhMarga Foundation is committed to achieving human well-being, by sharing tools and methods to enable them to reclaim their basic nature of Love & Bliss. Realization of Dnyaneshwari & Gita through Nada Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga & Bhakti Movement.
• At BodhMarga, our main aim is to free people from the trap of ignorance and bring them on the path of Devotion, Awareness & Enlightenment as per the Gyanottar-Yog-Bhakti teachings of Sant Shiromani Dnyaneshwar Maharaj.

About Wellness Vibe -
• Wellness Vibe conducts workshops & retreats across the world on where we work on removing patterns, fears and stuck emotions using the ancient esoteric practices and correct sound frequencies. This empowers the participants with methods and abilities to remove all road blocks and attain peace, prosperity and success. After attending to our workshops, many people have seen a dramatic shift in their consciousness, career, finance, relationship, health and many other aspects of life.

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