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Raise Your Consciousness

9th January 2020  3:30pm

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Payal Goda




Ms. Payal Goda is the founder of SHAKTI: the POWERwithin you. SHAKTI provides Coaching/counseling on ANY concern/issue that makes your life unfulfilling. It helps in conscious evolution that brings in the desired results. It is all about focusing on oneself and awakening one's inner power that is capable of fixing all the limitations and breaking all the blockages. SHAKTI’Sself-love coaching workshop/session is a blend of spirituality, mind power and emotions management designed to bring the best version of you: It helps you to know your damaging belief systems; enlightens you about some effective mental and emotional techniques as tools for transformation, and enables you to live the life of your dreams.

Payal is a Self-Love Coach, Certified NLP Subconscious Re-imprinting Coach, Spiritual Healer and a Motivational Speaker. She has a decade of experience in empowering and guiding people. Her insights and enlightening programs have helped thousands of people in overcoming their different mental blockages & emotional issues. She has deep cognizance of metaphysics, spirituality, mind & emotions power techniques, healing and meditation. As a result, her talks and speeches reflect her emotional, spiritual and practical maturity. Her programs are perfect blend of mindpower and spirituality and thus they suit to the needs and inquisitiveness of all age groups.

Starting her career as a communication trainer, she has proved her caliber in various other arenas of coaching like Business training, Soft-skills training, BPO training, Voice and Accent, Personality Development, Grooming, Stress management, Verbal part of aptitude tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT , SAT and Public speaking. During her professional journey, she trained thousands of individuals belonging to different age groups and designations like corporate professionals, school and college students, entrepreneurs, housewives, jobseekers and senior citizens. After training students’ in their enrolled educational program, she invested her time and energy in edifying them about the ideal way of living a happy and successful life for free.

Payal’saltruistic nature and optimistic outlook have transformedlives of many people who suffered from different mental and emotional traumas. Her motivational and spiritual discourses are so effective that they have saved many depressed, stressed and disturbed people from suicide, addictions and painful relationships. Her insights have touched the heart and souls of people. She has helped people to grow not only professionally but also personally, socially and spiritually.

Payal’spersonal mission is to help people to identify the POWER within them and UTILIZE it to create alife full of abundance, joy, wellness and blissful relationships. With the aim to reach to maximum to bring about a positive transformation she started life coaching in 2016.Payal has conducted public workshops in several cities on the topics like Power of unconditional love, Empowered Shakti for women and Love you zindagi. Her workshops emphasize on self -love as she strongly believes that when you love yourself you heal yourself. Loving, accepting and forgiving oneself unconditionally enables an individual to love, accept and forgive others. Self-love is the first step to bring in desired transformation and live a life of one’s dreams. Her workshops and personalized coaching sessions are divided into three parts: Awareness, Awakening &Transformation. To know about Shakti Payal Goda and her workshops connect to: 

Facebook:Shakti Payal Goda

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