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Yoga - Your Way Of Life

5th February 2020  3.30pm

Speaker's Bio

Mrs. Arti Shrikant Ambike


Self, Arti Shrikant Ambike from Thane (Mumbai). I am a Yoga Trainer since last 15 years conducting regular classes in Thane for all age group of people. Self is a passionate blogger in this vast & an intriguing field of Yoga. 

Self-started own website on 21.06.2018 to commemorate the International Yoga Day. The whole purpose of starting a Blog/Website is to connect with people across the globe & share the knowledge whatever I have by virtue of my Practice in this field over the years. 

Self is a certified Yoga Trainer from the "Yoga Institute” from Santacruz in Mumbai. I am a Science graduate with specialisation in Microbiology & like most of us, I had my ups & downs in the initial part of my career. I struggled, failed, tried again failed in the various fields like Pathological Labs & Medical Transcription, before I got accidently into this fascinating world of Yoga.

 It so happened that, I saw an Advertisement in newspaper for a Yoga Instructor & went for the interview. I was always fond of Yoga right from my teenage days, so I thought that I can surely get this job. However, the job required some certification which I completed from the abovesaid institute. Having discovered my passion, then there was nothing to look back to. 

Slowly, I started taking home tuitions on Yoga & as the word of mouth spread in Thane, I got an opportunity to work as Yoga Instructor with an NGO called "Bhartiya Stree Jivan Vikas Parishad” where I am still associated with. As the name suggests, this Institute works for the upliftment of women from all walks of life & conduct Yoga classes there at a very nominal fee. Apart from that I have been taking Yoga classes in various society club houses & private tuitions.

 Blogging gives me an ideal platform to share my videos, talks & Photographs on Yoga which will definitely enrich people from all age groups. So, stay tuned for an exciting journey with me on the road of Yoga & by practicing Yoga daily you can enjoy Healthy body, peaceful mind & be on the path of an enlightened soul.


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