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Can We Liberate Our Fascia With Tapping?

16th March 2020  

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Dipika Belapurkar

Dipika Belapurkar is a practicing counselor and therapist, working out of her clinic called Being Stillness, at Elphinstone. She holds a Master’s degree in Endocrinology from The Institute of Science as well as a Post Graduate Dip in Management from Institute of Management Development and Research, Pune.

She also holds diplomas in Computer Science and Journalism from Xavier’s Institute of Management and Communications respectively. She has previously worked in advertising and as a writer in various publications.

In addition she practices clinical hypnotherapy, EFT, astro/tarot counseling and is a lifelong student of the occult. She facilitates workshops in Creative writing, health & wellness, tarot and astrology, and bespoke programs in mind and body embodiment. In the last 14 years she has spent time in gaining valuable experience in understanding how Bach remedies, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Numerology, and Colors can help bring progressive change into our lives.

More recently, Dipika has been practicing since 2012 Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy and is helping clients across all walks of life move from their personal trauma towards holistic mind and body embodiment. She has been in the past a tutor with Body Intelligence, an organization that conducts 2 year diploma courses in CST, to impart knowledge in the field of Anatomy and physiology for upcoming Cranial therapists. She has taught in India as well as abroad.

Part of her contribution over the years to society has been offering time to NGOs that empower street children, AID’s victims, destitute women, orphans, cancer victims, and special children. She strongly advocates self-empowerment and believes in the innate power of the human spirit, to be in optimum health.

She specializes in trauma healing; all kinds – birth, relationship, developmental, stress related, spirit and soul retrieval. The idea she says, is to own and integrate all our experiences, whether positive or negative, so as to reach mind and body wholeness. This she believes is the birthright of every individual, and especially of those that seek therapeutic healing.

She has heartfelt gratitude for this innate gift of healing and her desire is to reach out to as many people as is possible, to touch their lives in an empowering way.

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