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Perfect Body' To Fitness

8th August 2020  

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Alka Chadha

Dr Alka Chadha is the Managing Partner at Hope & Care Centre, Navi Mumbai. This centre provides comprehensive health care to patients with Diabetes mellitus, Thyroid disorders, Metabolic Bone (Osteoporosis) and Endocrine disorders.

She is a practising pathologist in Navi Mumbai for the past 30 years with a great passion for Mental Health. She completed her M.B.,B.S. in 1980 and M.D. (Pathology) in 1984 from L.T.M. Medical College, Mumbai.

Alka has also received her Yoga teachers training from Sadashiv Nimbalkar Guruji in 1999 and teaches Yoga with emphasis on Antaranga Yoga (INSIDE JOB) for past 20 years. She has done Personal and Advanced Counselling courses and has been helping patients for 2 decades. Her training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is also very useful in understanding people.

She is an Internationally recognized Heal Your Life (HYL) trainer and facilitator headed by Louise Hay. She conducts workshops in the same sphere.

Basically, she loves people and loves interacting with them in different ways. Her mission is "happy living is healthy living”. She accomplishes this by singing, dancing and writing.

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