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How To Take Right Decision Nlp Technique|सही निर्णय कैसे लें – एनएलपी तकनीक

11th September 2020  

Speaker's Bio

Ms. Shaily Bhatnagar


Contact no: 9871068777
Shaily Bhatnagar

A NLP coach, Behavioural consultant, Reiki Healter, Tarot card Trainer, Counsellor and Inspirational pathfinder who advises people on "
How to effectively deal with problems and find long lasting solutions

I have been working, studying and doing different researches to understand, how it has an impact when a person transit from one social role to another. The transitional social roles can be of free minded child, emotional Adolescent, Goal oriented Adult, Responsible and caring parent and utmost important valuable and responsible citizen of the country. It is important in each stage of transition to attain and maintain physical, emotional and mental balance which helps in smooth progression and desired outcome.

In last few years, my focus area was to streamline the issues arising in because of low self-esteem, non-resilience, age related issues, correct career choices, non-clarity of future and goals, Academic problems which give rise to problems like Depression, Anxiety, Pre-Adolescent / Adolescent issues, Adjustment problems, low Academic achievement Child behaviour issues, stress, low self-esteem and so on.

I make person worthy enough to empower yourself to conquest your inner distress.

The services provided me are:

  1. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  2. Reiki

  3. Sound Healing

  4. Imagery

  5. Tarot card Training

  6. Yoga

  7. Meditation

h. Counselling

Imparts executive coaching to corporate professionals, Organized multiple workshops & Seminars at school and college level


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