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Mr. Paresh P Goshar


Paresh Goshar is a renowned Vaastu-Shastra Consultant specializing in GeoBio-Vaastu, he is an  Expert in Industrial Vastu,  Feng ShuiLecher Antenna Training, Ayadi Calculation, Date-Selection, he is also an Expert in Geopathic Stress detection and Harmonising, he is  from Mumbai (India). He is also a leading luminary in holistic healing and esoteric sciences.

His initiation in the divine science of Vaastu started in the year 1996 and under the guidance of various Gurus and Vedic stalwarts of this science he perfected all this art . In addition, to compliment his knowledge of Vastu, he also specializes in Geopathic Stress detection through special energy instruments and harmonising, neutralising through special researched remedy.

He has been doing research & experiments on the basic principles of various ancient Indian and Chinese sciences for the use of common men and propagating these exhaustive guidelines exhibited in original texts. He is a certified Feng-Shui consultant from "The Imperial School of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes” Scotland, which is from an ancient school of Feng Shui called Chui style Feng Shui (or) Yuen Hom Feng Shui.

With a scientific bent of mind, Paresh  brings practical, result-oriented, and proven methods in his Vaastu / Feng-shui consultations sometimes employing his gifted talent on aura reading, handwriting analysis, numerology and astrology to give precise and accurate recommendations.

He puts to effective use his years of training and tacit knowledge in the science of Vastu amalgamating it with energy diagnostic and analysis tools such as Lecher Antenna that he uses in various ways to measure the subtle energy fields of individuals, environmental and ecological substances.

He also uses sophisticated tools GeoEnergy-Scanner, RFI- Aura Scanner, EMR detector ( Electro Magnetic Radiation) ,Lopan-Compass to take accurate readings and to help his client with the process of energy balancing for harmonious living in modern spaces.

He has been felicitated with several honors and prestigious awards for painfully and selflessly promoting edifice sciences of Vastu-Shastra, Fengshui, GeoBio-Vastu, Geopathic and Astrology:

  • "Abhjit Jyotish Ratna” "Abhjit Vastu Shastra Visharad”
  • "Nakshatra Jyotish Ratna”"Jyotish Alankar” , "Vastu visharad”
  • "Vastu Gaurav” , "Vastu Bhusan”