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Get More Patients by Becoming a Health Hero

Dear Doctor

Get More Patients by becoming a Health Hero !

Social media is becoming increasingly important today, and video is a great way to reach out to patients directly !

HELP offers you a free platform so you can connect with patients directly on our popular YouTube channel -

Some tips on how you will do this:

1.Prepare your content.

Choose an appropriate setting – this could also be your clinic

Introduce yourself –Time max30 seconds.

These are short, to the point health tips/information : Time 2 - 3 minutes.

Closing sentence eg.Thankyou etc. 15 seconds.

Watch an example here:

2. You may want to record multiple videos.

3.Please review the video and send only good quality video recordings. We willnot  be able to upload poor quality videos.

4. Sending a transcription of your videos by email will help us to add suitable subtitles to the video.

5. Content of videos should be strictly health related. It should be useful to and be understood by the general public. It will help to select a topic pertaining to your area of specialty.

6. You must yourself present the content in the video. This is mandatory. Getting someone else to record your talk will give best results and save time.

7. There is no bar in terms of experience - veterans, freshers, general practitioners or specialists etc. All qualified doctors are invited to participate.

8.  As of now we welcome videos in English or Hindi as we have the means to add subtitles for these languages.  Videos recorded in other Indian languages should be accompanied by subtitles in English by email.

Watch a sample here:

9. HELP will vet the videos for upload to YouTube to ascertain validity and appropriateness of content.

10. Full credit will be given to you as a doctor, for the content. Also, we will create a page for you on our website when you send in at least 5 short videos.

11. You will create these videos exclusively for HELPTALKS channel. Therefore, all copyrights of these videos will be held by HELP. You will NOT upload these videos to your own YouTube channel. However, we will share the Embed code with you. This will enable you to embed the videos to your website or blog. You could also share the video URL with your friends and patients.

            All Rights Reserved

12. You may send the videos by sharing these via your Dropbox or Google Drive account. The email id to share videos with . Please email us in case you need guidance on how to share your videos.